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Welcome to the River Arts Page!
We’re a creative bunch that includes crafters, makers, designers, inventors, builders, performers, artist, musicians, writers….and more.  So come along as we join together to engage in the art of creative expression in it’s many forms!
Nanci Stoeffler
Arts Community Coordinator
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ARTS LUNCH – March 19
On Sunday, February 5th at 11:45 AM we’ll gather in the lobby after service and head over to a local restaurant to share a meal together. So, if you’re apart of the arts community, or would like to be, please join us!
Let’s make time for creativity! Join us March 19th at 2 PM at the Raytown Campus to work on arts or crafts projects of your choice. Bring your own supplies (sketching, painting, needlepoint, coloring etc.) and let’s hang out and create!