Ramping Into The River…
Whether you’re new to the River Church Family or have been here for a while, Ramping into the River is an essential way to learn about RCF by answering any questions you may have and offering steps on how to get connected. This is a self-guided, online course that explains the DNA of the River: where we’ve been, where we’re headed and exactly what makes us the River Church Family.
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Session One
  • Teaching by Pastor John entitled “Answerable”
  • Bonus videos that tell the River’s story
Session Two
  • Aim – The River’s mission
  • Rhythm – The way we live, our core values
  • Vision – The River that God sees
  • Standards – Knowing our outcomes
Session Three
  • Teaching by Pastor John entitled “A Field and a  Treasure Too”
  • Teaching by Pastor John entitled “Seeing your everyday world through the eyes of Jesus”
Session Four
  • Next Steps