River Church Family Vision

  1. COME
The River We See is a people who come to Jesus and keep coming; a church that lives from a place of overflow, which emanates from having been with Jesus on a daily basis.
The River We See is a church of fervent prayer, tearing down strongholds. Prayer that gets results which human effort cannot produce. Simple prayers spoken in faith inline with God’s will.
The River We See has worship gatherings that passionately express love and worship to God. In every service Jesus is exalted. As the Word of God is taught, revelation of truth floods the congregation, bringing wisdom, understanding, answers to problems and innovative ideas.
The River We See is a church that only God could build. Where people are being born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, delivered from bondages, healed and blessed with joy.
The River We See flows with thousands of children and youth who become heart-felt followers of Jesus. A place where they discover who God has designed them to be.
The River We See takes the gospel of Jesus Christ into its surrounding communities and around the world through local neighborhood campuses, Operation Solid Lives, River Small Groups, missionaries and multimedia.
The River We See moves beyond human ability, ingenuity or planning in which God gets all the glory.


  1. NO LACK
The River We See has no lack because of God’s ample provision. It is a financially generous church full of faithful stewards. By the Word of the Lord we are willing to take huge risks even if we are seen as fools to the world.
  1. FAVOR
The River We See has divine favor, obeying God’s leading, fully expecting Him to supply what is needed, and when He does we are not surprised.


The River We See clearly understands, “We don’t go to church, we are the church”.  A people moving about confidently, knowing that hell itself will not overcome our mandate from Jesus.


The River We See regards all people as God’s “workmanship” still under construction, a church that holds fast to the truth that, “Love always wins and never walks away”.
The River We See is a church of transparency, openly admitting its own faults. A people abounding with grace and forgiveness even when mistakes are made.
The River We See intentionally walks in kindness, only speaking words that build others up, thereby allowing all to enjoy edifying friendships. A church ignoring criticism and arguments, being wise to Satan’s tactics of breeding disunity to get the church off track.


  1. RAW
The River We See encourages the asking of raw, hard questions; where answers are transparent and honest.


The River We See is a generous people daily looking for opportunities to give away the dignity, honor, respect and the resources that God has given to them. A church that loves all people near them, regardless of theological, political or moral views.


  1. Accountable
The River We See does not hide itself away from the needs of people we encounter. A church understanding that we are personally accountable to Jesus for the community in which we live. When a need is seen we don’t shirk it off in superficial prayer. Rather, at a heart level we inquire of the Lord, following through with whatever He says.


  1. ALL IN
The River We See is willing to do any job, pay any price; even forfeiting personal ambitions to support God in accomplishing His plan on the earth.
This is the River that God sees…
In my heart I can see it faintly; I will follow God and obey His voice until everyone can see clearly The River that God sees.