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What others say about the River Church

John Wiley turns conventional thought about church and being a Christian on it’s head. His life message is about living confidently day to day with an anthem of love for all  people. He is thoughtful, engaging and deeply rooted as a follower of Jesus. John helps us see what’s right under our noses, and moves people to action in ways that make a genuine difference in this world. — Dr. Rod Koop, Director, North of Hope – Foursquare Missionary to Alaska


“I’ve been in church all my life.  I can honestly say I’ve never heard, seen, learned, or felt (not emotions, but those have been effected too) many of the things I have during this short time at the River.  Some preachers can get excited and shout, but the experience at the River is always an eye-opening, truth-revealing, spirit-filled time.  I appreciate the fact that all teachings are from the Bible & scripture is provided to “back up” all teachings.  There is something very special going on at this church and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.  Who would have thought that church shopping on the internet one Sunday morning would have led me to a whole new light and life in Jesus?”  — Cindi


“Pastor John Wiley has a way of reminding—and convincing—us, that not only are the people we see every day very much like us, with struggles, hurts and feelings, but that God loves them just as much as He does us.” – Jerry Dirmann, Senior Pastor, The Rock Anaheim, California


“Pastor John Wiley’s preaching ministry is like a defibrillator to the soul, activating those previously unresponsive, uncaring regions of the inner man. Like Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones, God ignites a fresh passion for life when John speaks, provoking a genuine and fervent spirit of enthusiasm toward the practical demonstration of Godly compassion.” – Chad Budlong, Lead Pastor, New Foundation Church, Goodyear, Arizona


“John combines the right message with authenticity and deep passion. John’s message is anchored in the Bible’s authoritative truth and focused on the church.  He is calling for the people of Christ to open their eyes and do what Jesus would do within their community.  John is believable because he speaks as practitioner.  His sleeves are rolled up and his heart is wide open.  This man and his message can change the way we do church!” — Rich Stevenson, Director, The Malachi Network


“John Wiley has the God-given ability to inspire churches, pastors and all kinds of people to take up the challenge of showing what down-to-earth Christianity means. His heart for people, the desire to change their situation is ineffable and  ineffaceable. One can hear and feel the urge of the calling he received when he is preaching. John Wiley surpasses the rules set by people or denominations in his passion to change the lives of people.” — Hans G. Koornstra, International Evangelist


“John is more than a dynamic speaker. He is the embodiment and walking illustration of the values and vision of which he speaks. I am always drawn in to John’s words  because he is more than eloquent — he is moved to action himself by passion and commitment to his mission; so much so that his hearers, including myself, are personally impacted and deeply challenged to act.”   Sam Rockwell, PhD, pastor, professor, and author of Leading by Being and Doing.