Pastor Lauren Spengler
We have programs for children ages 0-12 during our Sunday morning service.  Visit the Children’s Church check-in area by the lobby doors to find out more.
WEDNESDAYS 6:30-8:00 PM (K – 5th Grade)
J-7 is a discipleship class that helps children develop a foundation in God’s Word by using Lessons from different curriculum sets and structured activities to go along with each week’s lesson. This class is for ages 5 to 7. The students will be encouraged to memorize scripture and participate in weekly lesson activities. J-7’s motto is “Living 4 Jesus 7 days a week”.
J12 is dedicated to helping kids ages 8-12 become like Jesus at 12, who is the greatest preteen role model that has ever lived! J12 specializes in preteen curriculum and resources that engage the imaginations and hearts of preteens. The students will be encouraged to spend devotional time with the Lord each day as well as memorize scripture.
Oasis Ministry seeks to serve as a relief and a safe haven for children with special needs and the families who care for them. We seek to assists families in leading their special needs child to a closer relationship with Jesus and to foster inclusion into church life here at The River. To learn more, Click Here
ANCHORED YOUTH (6-12 Grades)
Youth Pastors
Matt & Julia Hastings
J7 & J12 (K – 6th Grade)
6:30-8:00 PM
Anchored Youth (6th – 12th grades)
6:30-8:00 PM

High School Studies – Starting Nov. 1 

We are starting a new group for High Schoolers only.  Monday nights 6pm at the church.  In a time where information is everywhere and a chorus of perspectives are always present; now more than ever, we need to develop that Anchor that grounds us to the Truth of God’s Word. In this group, we seek to engage hard questions in order to know more about God and grow in deeper relationship with Him.  Questions email Julia or Matt at youth@rivercentral.org

Young Adults Group – Starting Nov. 6

We are starting a new group for Young Adults; Upperclassmen-College Age.  The first Saturday of every month we will meet at the church at 10am.  We are starting Nov.6th! Adulting is hard! No matter how prepared you feel, it is challenging to make that transition from living at home, to going to college and starting your life on your own. Our goal, is to create a community around this stage. Where young adults who are starting off can share the struggles and encourage each other. And those who haven’t quite taken those steps can have an extra team to support and cheer them on as they take their first steps. Questions email Julia or Matt at youth@rivercentral.org

Kindergarten – 5th Grade & Middle School 

We have Discipleship classes on Wednesday Nights from 6:30-8PM.  If you have questions about Middles School email Julia or Matt at youth@rivercentral.org 
If you have questions about Kindergarten – 5th Grade email Lauren at riverkids@rivercentral.org